This not a real post, filled with helpful hints and bossy instructions. This is a brief note about how I’m handling this week’s skincare challenge.


I should stop whinging, because I get to work from HERE this week.

You see, I am working from Darwin this week, before heading straight to Perth with a brief stop in Alice Springs. I am very busy, and quite tired, and also I have a bit of a cold. Those factors combined mean that last night, I got on a five hour flight from Sydney to Darwin without taking any of my usual flight-busting skincare precautions!

I know, I know. You expected better.


Due to the hell that flying plays with even the most robust complexion, this is what a long flight usually looks like for me, skincare-wise:

Pre flight: Exfoliate, do an at-home hydrating masque, use hydrating serum under Go-To Face Hero oil, apply my most nourishing, winter-proof ultra-hydrating moisturiser, which you basically have to put on with a spatula (and which I haven’t been able to recommend to you because Dermasquest has DISCONTINUED it, may-they-burn-in-hell.) Buy two 600ml bottles of water before I get on the plane.

In flight: Drink all of the water. Every time the flight attendants come past bearing meals, snacks etc, ask for another bottle of water. DRINK ALL OF THAT WATER, TOO. (Go to the bathroom a lot, it’s good to stretch the legs anyway.) Spitz face regularly with a hydrating mist. (I am partial to Dermalogica’s Multi-Active Toner, but there are heaps of others on the market.) Apply eye drops and lip balm like they’re going out of fashion.

Post flight: Before bed, take it all off with Pre-Cleanse and Cleanser, before doing another hydrating masque and repeating the pre-flight serum/face oil/moisturiser trifecta.

Yesterday, this did not happen. I was booked on the red-eye to Darwin from Sydney, and I basically woke up from a long nap, took some much-needed panadol and dashed to the airport. I managed to grab two bottles of water before boarding, but all I had with me on the skincare front was my permanently packed travel toiletry bag, which is designed for frequent, short flights between Canberra/Sydney/Melbourne and only contains the basics.


Yep. The whole thing was pretty dire.

Also, I felt like crap.

So, I drank the water, gave the lip balm some love, dozed and tried not to think about the amount of moisture that five hours of horrible plane air was sucking out of my skin.

When I got to my hotel in the middle of the night, I discovered a tiny sample bottle of Dermalogica’s Hydrating Booster that has been kicking around in the bottom of my handbag for months, chucked that on under my Face Hero and Very Useful Face Cream, and went to bed.


The heroes of this trip!


Today, I exfoliated with Daily Microfoliant, and the used the sample-sized tube of Dermalogica’s Multi-Vitamin Power Recovery Masque that I keep in with the travel toiletries for emergencies. This is part of Dermalogica’s Age Smart range and is designed to bring stressed or prematurely-ageing skin back to life with a hefty dose of antioxidants. It revitalises, nourishes and boosts hydration, but I don’t tend to use it as part of my general routine because I like products that put all of their effort into hydration. However, I was very glad to have it today! Combined with the skin-hydrating booster and my usual face oil and moisturiser, it undid a lot of flight-related dehydration and got me through a day of meetings in rooms turned up to Darwin levels of air-conditioning.

The moral of this story is:

1. Sometimes it pays not to be too diligent about cleaning out your handbag.

2. Hang on to those sample-sized products when you get them.

3. Even being sick and skincare-deprived can’t dampen a hotel view like this:


Darwin Foreshore. Couldn’t be prettier if it tried.

Normal programming will resume once I have finished splashing in warm, clear water, basking in Darwin’s tropical evening breeze, and eating ALL of the seafood.

xx LML